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THERA LADY Pure Gold Beauty Soap (80g)

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THERA LADY Pure Gold Beauty Soap (80g)

THERA LADY Pure Gold Beauty Soap (80g)

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Thera Lady 24K Pure Gold Beauty Soap


Thanks to its gentle formulation, it is skin-friendly and non-irritating. It contains a wealth of precious active plant ingredients, which can effectively cleanse and revitalize the skin. With its mild and delicate foaming, it can penetrate into the tiny pores to remove dirt and improve the oily acne skin conditions. It has no dry or tight feeling after washing, and makes the skin feel soft, smooth, elastic and delicate.

• Cleanses the skin effectively.
• Makes the skins soft, smooth and nourished.
• Suitable for all skin types including dry or sensitive skin.

How to use

• After moisturizing the skin, use the soap to produce rich and fine foam (with a foaming net or a bath ball) to evenly apply on the skin and massage for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Suitable for

• Bath, hand wash and cleansing on any skin type

Thera Lady is an Australian brand aiming to lead the global luxury fashion trend and be the top brand for natural skincare products.
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